2 Ways to find your True North

We understand that life gets busy and making time for yourself is extremely difficult in today's crazy world. We are here to help with these 2 ways to find your very own True North. When put to use, these 2 things will help you to relax and re-energize during your day. 

1. Deep Breaths

It only takes about 1 - 2 minutes of deep breaths to refocus and calm yourself. Complete one deep breath by inhaling until you feel your chest and stomach fill up, hold for 1 second and release. Repeat this cycle for 1 to 2 minutes. It's pretty amazing that simple deep breathing can help  so much.

2. Meditation

This is such a great way to find your inner peace. Squeeze in 5 to 10 minutes in your day to shut everything out. This method has become more popular today as most yoga classes incorporate meditation. Having trouble silencing the noise? Check out "Headspace" or "Calm"  for your mobile device. These apps will allow you to meditate anywhere!